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With over 50 years experience in plastic pipe and fitting manufacturing in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates, RAKtherm has launched its first integrated PP-R and PEX pipes & fittings system for servicing a booming construction sector worldwide and in Middle East, in particular, under the same trade name. With a newly established administration and head offices based in Sharjah, along with a 40,000 square meter manufacturing complex based in Ras Al Khaimah, RAKtherm is well on its way to become the regional leader in water supply and drainage systems.

KALDE is renowned for its versatile and comprehensive delivery system for water and other fluids. They are ideal for carrying pressurized hot and cold water as well as under floor heating in all modern residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. With the widest range of PP-R available all through the Turkey and Pakistan,

Kalde is also trusted for its range of conventional piping systems, Aluminum composite pipes and highly specialized products like Multilayer oxygen barrier pipes.

We believe that no business can be considered ‘successful’ until and unless we care for the planet we live in. Which is why, we list ‘environmental compliance’ as one of our company’s core value. We offer environmentally friendly solutions that comply with local environmental regulations.


Raktherm PPR pipe

PPR pipe fittings manufactured as DIN standards with sizes ranging from 20 to 110mm.

The outstanding temperature up to 950 C , pressure rating up tp 25 Bar make PP-R system the ideal solution for variety of applications including.
RAKtherm Aluminium pipes integrated with aluminium layer are developed for exposed hot & cold water installations. RAKtherm Stabi composite pipes are convenient and reliable due to its superior characteristics in low linear expansion rate which is Less  than 80%


RAKtherm introduction


Gulf plastic and converting industries {Tahweel } is a multifaceted manufacturing company based in the United Arab Emirates, supplying  various engineering systems for the construction sector.
With over 50 years experience in plastic pipe and fitting manufacturing in Saudi Arabia Eypt and Jordan , Tahweel has launched it`s first integrated PP-R pipes & fittings system for servicing a booming construction sector worldwide and the Middle East in particular under the trade name of RAKtherm  with 40,000 manufacturing complex based in Ras Al Khaimah and sale branch office based in Sharjah , Tahweel is well on its way to become the regional  leader in water supply and drainage system.
RAKtherm is a versatile, and comprehensive system for delivery of water and other fluids, used in application for pressurized hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all modern residential commercial and industrial building .RAKtherm offers the widest range of PP-R piping system in the Middle East and North Africa, including multilayer oxygen barrier pipes and aluminium composite pipes in addition to the conventional piping systems.
We believe the quality of products and the support services provided at RAKtherm are our main advantages, this is translated in a very wide range of products that are produced with state of art machinery from the most reputed sources, and a very high-tech quality control system which ensures that this quality is always maintained in addition to well trained and highly motivated staff on all levels of the company that are always committed to premium service at any time


AGM upvc pipe

iiiof the leading
was established in 1965 as a first plastic processor in the kingdom since then , we have become a part life of over valuable customers .forty nine years of rich experience as well as our R&D has made us a pioneer in the field of plastic processing in the entire Gulf region .our immaculate product quality gained us the confidence of our valuable customers internationally.
company in Saudi Arabia and throughout Middle East in manufacturing of uPVC pipes, cPVC pipes and fittings under the brand name of ‘AGM  to supply wider range of uPVC & cPVC pipes ranging from diameter ½” to 8″ and 16 mm to 630 mm meeting international standards like DIN, ASTM, SASO & BS.

AGM pipe and fitting  range covers large number of applications which include drinking water supply, irrigation, sewage, electricity, telephone and water department for underground ducts/pipes & the like both in domestic and export market. 


Suppy & Delivery: 0321-2248975

RAKtherm your environment friendly choice


PPR pipe

Heavy metals such as nickel and chrome negatively impact the environment, plated metal inserts, previously
used in fittings, no longer find their way into the RAKtherm product line (consistant with BS 6920). In
addition,RAKtherm pipe and fitting materials can be 100% recycled, and used again in other products
(consistant with DVGW working sheet W270). These are just a few of the many ways that RAKtherm
contributes to the welfare of our environment.

Supply & Delivery 0321-2248975

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